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Services Offered by Ace Courts, Inc.

Tennis Court Construction

Our team of professionals at Ace Courts, Inc. will work with you to understand what you need in your tennis court. Costs of constructing tennis courts in Florida vary depending on the surface material, which includes asphalt, clay or synthetic materials. We will help you select the ideal tennis court surface for your needs.

Basketball Court Construction

We want to provide you with high-quality service. This is why we put in our best efforts in constructing and designing basketball courts for our clients. Our team will help you determine the best selection for your needs. From standards to court accessories, we will present only the best for your court.


Shuffleboard Court Construction

Shuffleboard is now a very popular game throughout our country. Here, you can trust our team to include the correct marks and lines to allow proper play and long hours of fun.

Pickleball Court Construction

This game’s court can be taken out of a standard tennis court. Adding and converting lines and posts will transform your tennis court into a pickleball court. You can rely on our team to do this job for you. We will be using either lighter or darker in shade than those in the standard tennis court.

pickleball court

Multi-Purpose Court Construction

These courts are actually engineered to be easily converted to whatever type of ball sport you will be playing. You can count on us to make your multi-purpose court possible.

Cushioned Court Construction

Cushion in your normal court can actually make a difference in its performance and durability. It helps protect the players from injury due to the jarring motion of running or falling. Although this type of surface costs more, you will find this extra amount of money makes up for not having to resurface your court as often as you would with a regular one.